If your business is in need of short term working capital, we can offer tailor made solutions such as Accounts Receivable Factoring or Purchase Order Financing.

Accounts Receivable Factoring is when you sign over certain of your Accounts Receivable to us in exchange for immediate payment to you. We will collect the funds owing to you. Fees vary but typically range from 3% to 6%

Purchase Order Financing is when you need to order inventory to fill a specific client order. We will finance the inventory and redirect payment from the client directly to us for the amount ordered. In certain cases, we may finance stock inventory, however a proven track record of sales must be established.

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​We will help you to obtain the best rate and approval for a second mortgage. Your home must have at least 30% equity in order to qualify. Apply now and we will do our very best to turn around your application in 48 hours. Email for more information.

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Short Term loans

​As long as you have collateral, such as an automobile, business or farm equipment, RV or boat, you are guaranteed approval. Applications can be filled out online and submitted for fast approval. Loan terms typically range from 3 to 6 months, however in certain circumstances, we will extend the term up to 18 months.